Ashley and Eli

Congratultions to Ashley Borges and Eli Torres.  They recently got engaged on May 19th, 2016.  If you ask Eli how they met, he would tell you that they met trough Tinder.  However, the truth is they met the good old fashion way through a friend.  Working with them on this engagement shoot was a blast and you can tell the love and care they have for each other.  As a photographer, I didn't have to do or say anything to bring out the feeling they have for each other.  I am very honored to meet these two and looking forward for their special day in June.

On the summer of 2016, Eli proposed to Ashley at the Signature Room which is located on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building.

The wedding has been set for June 11th, 2017.

More info to come.

Engagement Photos

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